Covid-19 Response: PLEASE READ



After trying out adoptions by appointment this week, we have come to the conclusion that Woodford Humane needs to remain closed to the public for the immediate future, starting Friday, March 20. This decision is not made lightly, but in order to continue to care for the animals that rely on us we must do everything we can to keep our staff healthy. Unfortunately, even with limited admittance and rules in place, too many visitors have been non-compliant with our requests to prepare in advance for their visit and to practice social distancing while in the Adoption Center.

If we can’t do this safely, we can’t do it at all – for the sake of the animals who need us here to care for them for however long this thing lasts. We will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.


  • Please, please, please: Make a donation! We rely 100% on private donations to function, and being closed does not mean that animals will stop coming in or needing help. With our major fundraising events in question, and donations already slowing to a crawl, we really need your help right now.
  • Better yet: Set up a recurring donation! Stability is what we desperately need in a shaky economy and when you set up an automatic monthly or quarterly donation that we know we can rely on, that’s exactly what you provide.
  • Don’t have money to give? Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards: It costs you nothing and it provides a serious base of support for us each quarter! Just register your Plus card online or call 800-KROGERS and Kroger will give part of your total every time you shop.
  • Engage with us online. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Comment, post, share, watch videos, and help us get the word out! We’re still here, we’re still working, we still need donations, and we’ll need (and want) plenty of company once things calm down! Don’t forget about us.

We have been getting a lot of inquiries about fostering and we appreciate the interest! We are not in need of foster homes at this time. If that changes we will reach out for help.


  • To surrender a pet, you MUST have an appointment. Call 859.873.5491 and speak to a staff member or leave a message. We will follow up with you as quickly as we can. Surrender appointments will be scheduled before noon, Tuesday-Friday.
  • Pets from outside of Woodford County will NOT be accepted at this time. You will be expected to provide proof of residency. Please plan accordingly. If you do not have proof of residency you will be turned away.
  • We will continue to work with Woodford County Animal Control to take in unclaimed animals weekly.


If you have lost or found a pet in Woodford County, you need to contact Woodford County Animal Control at 859.879.0598. Woodford Humane is a private adoption agency and cannot accept found/stray pets who have not served their legally required stray time at Animal Control.


In-kind donations of items and supplies are still welcome and needed! To eliminate person-to-person contact, drop off donated items in the bins in front of the Receiving Center.


Phone: 859-873-5491
Fax: 859-873-0301


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