Our Team

Katie Hoffman, Executive Director

Katie started out as a volunteer in 2010, helping with events and committees. In 2012 she made it official and came on full-time as Woodford Humane’s Community Outreach Director, and has served as Executive Director since 2015. Katie loves baking, running, UK basketball, and being an aunt. She’s dog-mom to two miniature dachshunds, Chelsea and Sophie, and sister to a Great Pyrenees named William. email

Jenny Harris, Manager

Jenny began her journey at Woodford Humane Society after graduating from EKU in 2002. She very quickly learned that her passion lies in animal welfare, and has been leading the Adoption Center ever since. Jenny enjoys karaoke, nature, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. One of her favorite pastimes is snuggling with her pit bull babies, Chandler and Carson.  email

Julia Johnson, Assistant Manager

Julia started her career with the Woodford Humane Society as Education Coordinator in September of 2015 and later transitioned to Assistant Manager in October 2016. She enjoys the outdoors, horseback riding and hiking as well as spending time with friends and family. She currently has two fur-babies – Sammy, a dog recently adopted from Woodford Humane, and a cat named Bella.  email

Nicole Florence, Community Outreach Director

Nicole has served as Community Outreach Director since June 2016, after working (and volunteering) for Woodford Humane in in a few other roles since 2011. She enjoys her two children, cooking, rollercoasters, and learning new things. Nicole is pet-mom to two dogs, Loki and Daisy. email

Beth Oleson, Marketing Director

Beth has been in her role as Marketing Director since December 2014, but has worked for Woodford Humane in a variety of roles since August of 2009. She enjoys birding, graphic design, terrible puns, and being an unapologetic cat lady. She’s currently pet-mom to two cats, Dax and Gadget, and one dog, Ducky. email

Rae Mullins, Adoptions Counselor

Rae began working as an Adoptions Counselor in September 2016 after returning from living in South Korea. She loves listening to music, traveling, and of course dogs. Rae is currently dog-mom to four fluffy boys: Baker and Farley, who were adopted locally, and Ruki and Fizzy, who were adopted in Korea. email

McKenzie Ames, Adoptions Counselor and Education Coordinator

McKenzie started out as an Animal Care Provider in January 2017, then served as Woodford Humane’s veterinary technician, and now works on the adoptions team. She enjoys watching UK basketball games, binge-watching TV shows and movies, playing with her puppies, and roasting marshmallows by a bonfire. She’s currently pet-mom to two dogs, Ralphie and Rupp, who she adopted from WHS. email

Jan Calvert, Bookkeeper

Jan joined the Woodford Humane family in February of 2018. When she’s not on the job crunching numbers, Jan enjoys crafting, cooking, and of course spending time with her family. She and her husband Jeff are proud parents of three teenagers, Jadon, Noah, and Kaela, and two energetic Yorkies, Roscoe and Nicoe. email

Missie Wood, Development Coordinator

Missie served as Woodford Humane’s Bookkeeper for 12 years before making the switch to Development Coordinator in 2016. She lives on a farm with her dog Annie, who she adopted from Woodford Humane, and two cats who adopted her. Missie is active in several local organizations and in her very busy spare time likes to garden, arrange flowers, do needlework, and be grandmother to the animals of Brownstead Farm. email

Ghost, Head of Security

Ghost has been a part of the Woodford Humane family for over 10 years. After a year or two of life as a feral cat, he decided our staff is pretty cool and he would stick around. Most days Ghost can be found patrolling the grounds, enjoying a catnip break, and occasionally napping in the Receiving Center. Please don’t try to take him home. He’s a very important employee.

Advisory Council

Josephine Abercrombie, Pin Oak Stud  •  James E. Bassett, III, Lanark Farm •  Alice Chandler, Mill Ridge Farm  •  Dale Eckert, DVM, VCA Woodford Animal Hospital  •  Debbie P. Graviss, Graviss Studios  •  Julia Hahn, Founding Member  •  Libby Jones, Airdrie Stud  •  DeeDee Lloyd  •  Steve Renshaw, Gray Construction  •  W. Thomas Riddle, DVM, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital  •  James D. Rouse, Rouse & Rouse  •  John E. Soper  •  Fran Taylor

Board of Directors

President: David A. Franklin  •  Vice President: Casey Eckert Kight, DVM •  Treasurer: Steve South  •  Secretary: Regi Goffinet  •  Susan Adams, DC  •  Daniel Brown  •  William D. Fishback, Jr., DVM  •  Chuck Griffis  •  Clay Harvey

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Fax: 859-873-0301


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