Adopting By Appointment

Due to ongoing staffing issues, Woodford Humane Society is currently operating by appointment.

Please read the procedures below before calling or visiting! If you are volunteering or dropping off a donation, no appointment is necessary. Just give us a call when you arrive for assistance.

In order to book an appointment, we ask that you have one pet in particular in mind that you would like to meet so that we can put that pet on hold for you. That way when you arrive, you’re guaranteed that there will be at least one pet on your “wish list” that is still available to meet you.

You will be able to meet multiple pets during your appointment if you would like to do so!

View our available pets online before booking and see who strikes your fancy. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, keep checking! Our online listing stays up to date, and new pets become available all the time.

Appointments are meant for individuals and families that are fully prepared to adopt at the time of the appointment; we cannot accommodate casual “just looking” visits at this time.

We book appointments by phone, starting at 10:00 am daily: 859.873.5491

Please know what pet(s) you would like to meet when you call (see Step One).

Each appointment is a one-hour time slot that can be booked up to 3 days in advance. We are sometimes able to accommodate same-day appointments, so it doesn’t hurt to ask!

If you call and don’t reach a member of staff on the first try, please do not leave a message – call back instead. Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis, and we don’t want your request to have to wait until end of business or the following day as voicemails often do. “First come” is the first person who speaks directly with our staff, not the first to leave a message.

If book an appointment and do not receive your confirmation email, or otherwise cannot access the application, please give us a call right away: 859.873.5491

All adoptions require an adoption application, which will be provided to you when you book an appointment.

Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email containing the name of your selected pet, the time and date of your appointment, and the time and date by which your application must be submitted. It will also contain a link to our adoption application, which you can then fill out and submit entirely online.

Once submitted, our adoptions counseling staff will review your application and get back in touch with you to ask any additional questions they may have. Your application will then either be approved or declined; you will be notified either way.

If your application is declined, your appointment will be cancelled.

Running late? Need to cancel or reschedule? Just give us a call!

If you’re more than 15 minutes late your appointment may be cancelled. If you fail to show up you may not be offered the option to reschedule.

Call us when you arrive: 859.873.5491 

You will get a chance to meet your held pet, plus any others that are not already on hold for someone else. You are not obligated to adopt! It’s much more important to us that you adopt the right pet than it is that you adopt the first pet you meet.

If you decide to adopt, you will be taking your new bestie home with you from your appointment! Please come prepared to pay an adoption fee and transport your new pet safely.

If you decide not to adopt, the pet will become available to other adopters at the end of your appointment, including any that may be on their wait list.

Your adoption appointment is subject to cancellation if:

  • Your adoption application is not submitted within the time frame specified in your confirmation email
  • Your adoption application is declined for any reason*
  • You arrive more than 15 minutes late
  • You are unable to render payment at time of appointment
  • You are abusive toward staff or volunteers

*Your adoption application will be preliminarily approved (or declined) prior to your appointment; we reserve the right to retract that approval at any time if it becomes necessary, including during your appointment.

Phone: 859-873-5491
Fax: 859-873-0301


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