Canine Olympics

Sit, Stay, Compete! Canine Olympics is Oct 22, 2023

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When & Where

  • Sunday, October 22, 2023
  • Falling Springs Park by the Big Red Barn (map)
  • Registration opens at 12:00 pm
  • Blessing of the Animals at 12:30 pm
  • Games run 1:00-5:00 pm


  • More than a dozen games for dogs to compete in, from athletic to silly! Gold, silver, and bronze medals awarded for each
  • Spectators welcome! Bring a blanket or some camping chairs to watch the games
  • Shop the Olympic Village vendors
  • Enjoy games and activities for kids (and big kids) including pumpkin ring toss and cornhole
  • Bid in the silent auction
  • Enter the raffle (details below!)
  • Visit food vendors
  • Try out the agility course (or play all day!)


  • Canine Olympics is free to attend!
  • There’s a small fee for competitors: $10 for your first event, then $5 for each additional event
  • Handlers of competing dogs receive an event t-shirt as part of their registration


For those who don’t know, we change up our Canine Olympics logo colors each year to keep event shirts, programs, and medals interesting!

Find your dog’s best event! Games are listed in the order in which they’ll take place at the event. Registration begins at noon, the Blessing of the Animals is at 12:30, and the games begin at 1:00 pm.

Blessing of the Animals

A blessing for beloved companions large and small. This event is free – no registration required! Just bring your dog into the ring at 12:30 pm.

Alumni Parade

We love our alumni! Show off your Woodford Humane adoptee with a walk around the ring. This event is free, but you do need to register so we can call your pet by name.

Best Trick

Have you taught your dog a really fun trick? Or maybe your dog taught you? We want to see it!

Dress Your Dog Dash

We’ll provide you with shorts, a t-shirt, and a bandana; you’ll dress your dog and race to the finish line! Dogs must finish fully clothed – the bandanas are yours to keep!

Distance Catch with Ball

This event requires two humans: one to toss and one to hold the leash. You’ll start up close and personal, and take a step back with each successful catch. Miss a catch and you’re out!

Distance Catch with Treat

This event requires two humans: one to toss and one to hold the leash. Dog’s not interested in a tennis ball? Try a treat instead! Same rules as the previous event, but you’ll toss a treat instead of a ball.

Rapid-Fire Cookie Toss

This event requires two humans: one to toss and one to hold the leash. Is your dog a treat-catching, treat-eating machine? You’ll have 15 seconds to toss treats, and the dog with the most catches wins!

Most Loving Dog

Does your pooch love to cover you with kisses? For this event we’re looking for the smoochiest pooch in town!

Happiest Dog

For this event, we’re looking for any and all indicators of sheer puppy joy: tail wags, full-body wags, bounces, wiggles…you get the idea!

Hot Dog Splash

Bobbing for hot dogs! We’ll toss a chunk of hot dog into a tub of water and time how long it takes your pup to snatch it up.

Halloween Costume Contest: Youth

Kids 12 and under can enter their dressed-up doggy in this category! The kids don’t need to be in costume – it’s the dog’s costume that counts.

Halloween Costume Contest: Most Creative

The cleverest costumes will go to the winners’ podium!

I’ll Eat Anything

Got a dog who eats the darndest things? Put that food-vacuum to the test! We’ll provide your dog with a plate of unconventional, but totally safe, food items to offer your dog. The one with the cleanest plate wins.

Straight Dash

Seeking the fastest thing on four legs! the straight dash is simply a timed race where your dog can feed his or her need for speed. This event has two divisions: dogs over 10″ and dogs under 10″.

Single Frisbee Catch

You’ve got one minute to toss the disc to your dog; we’ll award points for the number and distance of catches. Toss a disc, have your dog bring it back, and toss it again. Bring your disc or use ours – your choice.

Multiple Frisbee Catch

In this event you’ll up the ante and toss discs rapid-fire! Your dog stays in the field to make catch after catch while you toss. Bring your discs or use ours – your choice.


This event has two divisions: beginner and experienced. Speed is good but precision earns the high score! Take your dog through our agility course of tunnels, hurdles, ramps, and more! The beginner course won’t have weave poles, and leashes are allowed; experienced competitors will be off-leash and will have weave poles.

If you just want to give the agility course a try, it will be open throughout the event! Donate $5 to run it once, or $10 for unlimited play all day.

Stay tuned for 2023 Doggone Good Raffle details, they’ll be posted here once the prize package is set! Tickets will only be sold at Canine Olympics so don’t forget to stop by the raffle table in the Village! We’ll draw the winner around 4:00 pm.

Need not be present at time of drawing to win. Raffle License #EXE0000589

Village Vendors

Browse the Canine Olympic Village and you never know what treasures you might find! More than 20 local vendors will be set up and sharing their goods and services, including our very own Woodford Humane Society merchandise.

Food & Snacks

Special thanks to our food vendors for donating 10% of their sales back to Woodford Humane! This year’s vendors include Katie’s Happy Hotdogs, Bella Shave Ice, Kentucky Kettle Corn, and Big Poppies Barbeque.

Silent Auction

If you like a bit of adventure in your shopping, stop by the silent auction and see what you can snag! Whether there’s a bidding war or you get a great deal, all proceeds come right back to the animals at Woodford Humane. Bidding closes at 4:00 pm; check-out will open once all bid sheets have been collected.



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