About Our Funds

General Fund

If you want your gift to have the flexibility to be used wherever it is needed most, this fund is for you. The General Fund is our financial backbone and provides for all the day-to-day needs at Woodford Humane, from pet food to equipment repairs to utility bills. Donations can be made to the General Fund in any amount, and every dollar makes a difference! Any gifts that do not specify a fund will come to the General Fund.

How to contribute: Make a donation in any amount online, by check, or over the phone.

SAVE Matching Fund

Want your gift to go twice as far? Want the animals in our care to get the most bang from your buck? Consider a gift to the SAVE Matching Fund: Gifts of $100 or more can be marked to SAVE, and will be matched dollar for dollar.

Every year, the SAVE Matching Fund has a target goal that must be reached by December 31. Matching funds are contributed by a group of anonymous donors each year, with their combined total determining that year’s SAVE Matching Fund goal. When you make a gift to SAVE, your donation – and the corresponding amount in matching funds – go toward our day-to-day operations.

How to contribute: Write “SAVE” in the memo line of your personal check, or select SAVE from the designation menu when you make a gift of $100 or more online.

Lucy Gay Bassett Memorial Fund

This fund is dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of the animals who rely on Woodford Humane. It was created in memory of Lucy Gay Bassett, a longtime supporter of Woodford Humane Society and a lifelong lover of animals. Lucy’s passion for all creatures great and small was such that she could never let an animal in need go without aid; she was a tireless advocate for the idea that all animals deserve more than just the bare minimum of food, water, and shelter, but also deserve comfort, safety, and the happiest lives we can provide.

In Lucy’s memory, the goal of this fund is to provide an environment where animals can maintain both physical and psychological health, and leave happier and healthier than when they arrived. The projects driven by this fund can take many forms, from providing safe, secure, and comfortable enclosures, to enhancing exercise and play opportunities, and beyond.

How to contribute: Write “Lucy Gay Bassett Memorial Fund” in the memo line of your personal check or select it as the designation of your online donation.

CHAMPS Emergency Medical Fund

One thing that sets Woodford Humane apart from other organizations is our ability to go the extra mile for pets who arrive at the Adoption Center sick or injured. At many agencies, something as simple as an upper respiratory infection would deem a pet unadoptable. Here, we’ve treated everything from mange to bullet wounds. CHAMPS augments our General Fund to help cover the cost of veterinary services for animals in their moment of greatest need.

How to contribute: Write “CHAMPS” in the memo line of your personal check or select it as the designation of your online donation.

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