Planned Giving

A planned gift is one that is arranged today, to be allocated at a future date. Common types of planned gifts include (but are not limited to) gifts of cash, stock, real estate, securities, life insurance, endowment programs, charitable remainder trusts, retirement assets, and wills and living trusts.

Gifts made in the moment are a vital source of support for Woodford Humane, but they are not the only way to give. Planned gifts are an unique and often overlooked way to help ensure that Woodford Humane Society’s work will continue into the future, while also helping the donor fulfill their own charitable and financial objectives.

We call the special people who arrange for these gifts our Forever Friends. 

To learn more about planned giving with Woodford Humane, please contact Executive Director Katie Hoffman at 859.873.5491 or via email

A Forever Friend’s Story

When Deb W.’s aunt passed away, it fell to Deb to execute her will. Deb found the task to be stressful and complicated, and was motivated to make certain her own arrangements would go more smoothly. She found a great attorney and began planning.

Deb wanted her estate to benefit a local, hardworking nonprofit organization, and named Woodford Humane Society as a beneficiary in her will.

We lost a good friend when Deb passed away in 2013, but to this day, her love of animals and support for Woodford Humane lives on. Proceeds from the sale of her home and its contents were put into an investment fund, and have helped carry us through when times are hard and funds are tight.

That’s the beauty of planned gifts: in addition to essential financial support, they also provide stability in a world where funding is not always certain. Thanks to Deb’s gift, and others like it, Woodford Humane Society can continue its work secure in the knowledge that we can rely on our Forever Friends.

How Do I Become a Forever Friend?

The simplest way to make a planned gift is through your will or living trust. If you are considering making a provision for Woodford Humane Society in your estate planning, and would like to share information with us, it will be treated as strictly confidential. You should consult your legal and financial advisors to guide you in participating in this program.

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