Elizabeth Simms Gay Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

Need Help Getting Your Pet Fixed? We’re Here.

If cost is preventing you from spaying or neutering your pets, we want to help. With the support of our Elizabeth Simms Gay (ESG) Fund, Woodford Humane Society offers low-cost vouchers for families in need of financial assistance that are redeemable at local participating veterinary clinics. Prices run on a sliding scale based on income; higher income levels may not qualify for this program. Vouchers are available to Kentucky residents only. 

How It Works

Step 1: Complete the form to the right (or click here to open in a new tab). We will call you back within 72 hours.

Step 2: Once you’ve spoken with a staff member, we’ll confirm your price tier and put your voucher(s) together. You’ll have 30 days to come and collect your vouchers at the Adoption Center. You will pay for your voucher in the discussed amount and provide proof of income when you pick your vouchers up, please come prepared.

Step 3: Schedule the spay/neuter with one of our participating vets. Notify the clinic that you will be using a voucher. PLEASE NOTE: All participating clinics are currently in Woodford County. We do not have a clinic at Woodford Humane; your pet’s surgery will not take place here.

Step 4: Redeem your voucher at the time of your appointment. Present it to the veterinary clinic when you bring your pet(s) in.

What’s Covered?

Each voucher is valid for 90 days from date of issue and covers the cost of a routine spay or neuter surgery and anesthetic. Pain medication is not covered by the voucher, but may be recommended by the veterinarian as part of post-op recovery.

In cases where complications arise, additional charges may be incurred. The most common examples would be spaying a pet that is in heat, or neutering a pet that is cryptorchid. Those charges are up to the veterinarian and are not covered by Woodford Humane.

Most veterinarians also require that a pet have a minimum of a current rabies vaccination before undergoing surgery. Please speak with the veterinarian prior to your surgery date to find out what they require. Vaccinations are not covered by Woodford Humane, and because we do not have a veterinarian on staff we are not able to provide them for pets outside of our care.

Vouchers are non-refundable. If something prevents you from using your voucher within the 90 day window, management may grant you one 90-day extension. After that point if you still have not redeemed the voucher, you will need to purchase a new one.

Vouchers are not a tax-deductible donation. They are a payment for services. Woodford Humane Society does not retain any of the funds from a voucher purchase.

Why Spay and Neuter?

It’s Good For Your Pet. Spaying and neutering extends your pet’s life expectancy in a number of ways:

  • Prevents uterine infection and dramatically reduces risk of mammary tumors, especially in pets spayed before their first heat cycle
  • Prevents testicular cancer and some prostate issues
  • Dramatically reduces risk of feline leukemia and FIV in cats
  • Reduces risk of injury or death due to escaping/roaming in search of a mate
  • Reduces risk of injury or death due to fighting for both male and female pets
  • Reduces problem behavior that may otherwise ultimately cost your pet their home, such as urine marking, territorial aggression toward animals and people, and complaints from neighbors

It’s Safe. Spay and neuter surgeries are common, routine procedures and veterinarians are well practiced. While there is some risk involved with any surgery, for almost all pets, the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you are concerned that your pet may not be well enough for surgery, consult a veterinarian before proceeding with our voucher program.

It’s Good For All of Our Pets. A pet-owner community with a robust commitment to spay and neuter is the only path toward a world without pet overpopulation and homelessness. It may not always seem like one pet or one litter of babies would make a difference, but it does. Every time a pet is fixed, tens of thousands of potential births are prevented; and that keeps thousands of pets out of shelters.

While Woodford Humane is proud and grateful to be able to maintain a 95%+ placement rate, that’s simply not the case for most shelters. Overcrowding leads to millions of otherwise healthy, adoptable pets being euthanized each year in the United States. Those pets include all ages, pure-bred and mixed breed. Overpopulation does not discriminate.

So please, do your part: spay and neuter your pets. We’ll do our part to help you get there if cost is standing in your way.

Step 1: Complete the Form Below

This will help us understand your financial need so we can determine the pricing for your spay/neuter voucher(s). Once the form is submitted, you can expect to hear back from us within 72 hours.

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