The Adoption Drive: READ FIRST!

Every pet, every adoption is sponsored in full by Quantrell Auto Group, December 1-23, 2023.

That means no adoption fees for you! Appointments are required as we continue to struggle with staffing, but we have tripled our appointment availability and same-day appointments may be available! We are all hands on deck to help you find your new best friend.

Please read this page thoroughly before you call.


  • Appointments are intended for families and individuals who are serious about adopting and prepared to take a pet home same-day. If you are not sure about adopting, please DO NOT schedule an appointment. It may disrupt an animal’s chance of finding a home.
  • START HERE! Our adoptable pet listing updates automatically – it typically stays current within an hour or two of any changes! You will need to pick ONE pet for us to place on hold for your appointment. If that pet turns out not to be a good fit, you’ll be able to visit with animals that do not already have an appointment scheduled.
  • 45-minute appointment slots are limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • Making an appointment does not guarantee adoption. You will need to complete the application process in order to be approved.

An Important Note: Please be aware that if you schedule an appointment and then do not show up, you may directly cause an animal to miss out on a loving home. If you change your mind, please call to cancel your appointment with as much advance notice as possible.


  • We will begin booking for the Adoption Drive on Monday, November 27 at 10:00 am.
  • Call 859.873.5491 beginning at 10:00 am daily to book. Phone calls only; appointments will not be booked by email, social media, etc. If your call goes to voicemail, please do not leave a message requesting an appointment, as it may not be checked until the end of the day and you may miss out on your desired pet. Instead, wait a moment and then call back.
  • If your desired pet already has an appointment, you can ask to be added to their wait list and receive a call if the appointment(s) ahead of you falls through. This is not uncommon, so if your heart is set on a specific pet, it’s worth getting on the wait list!
  • Appointments can be booked a maximum of 3 days in advance.
  • Immediately after you book your appointment, we will send you a confirmation email that includes your appointment details, a link to the adoption application, and a specific time by which your application must be submitted. If you do not submit your application within that window, your appointment will be cancelled, so don’t wait! 
  • If you have not called, spoken to an Adoptions Counselor, and received a confirmation email, YOU DO NOT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT.


  • If you decide that the pet you’re meeting is a good fit and you would like to adopt, you will be taking the pet home with you from your appointment. We cannot hold a pet for you past your appointment time. If you opt to wait, the pet will become available for other adopters.
  • If you decide that the pet you’re meeting is not a good fit, you are not obligated to adopt! You are welcome to meet other animals, provided they are not already on hold for another appointment.
  • Every adoption includes a 7 day trial period as part of our Foster to Adopt program to allow you to make sure your new pet is the right one for you before the adoption is finalized.
  • If your adoption is NOT working out, the pet must be returned to Woodford Humane. Call us at 859.873.5491 to schedule your return.
  • Quantrell Auto Group will sponsor one adoption per household. If you choose to adopt more than one pet, only one fee will be waived.
  • Like everyone else, we are currently dramatically understaffed. We have a very small team working very hard to do a very big job. Abusive behavior toward staff and volunteers will not be tolerated. Be nice.


  • Your adoption application is not submitted within the time frame specified in your confirmation email
  • Your adoption application is denied for any reason*
  • You arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment
  • You are abusive toward staff or volunteers

*In most cases, your adoption application will be preliminarily approved (or declined) prior to your appointment; we reserve the right to retract that approval during your appointment if it becomes necessary.


Please CALL the Adoption Center at 859.873.5491. We will not be able to keep up with emails/facebook messages during this time. This includes inquiries about the availability of breeds/sizes/specific pets; what you see on our online pet listing is what we have. We will do our best to keep up with phone inquiries, but messages may not be heard until close of business each day.

Phone: 859-873-5491
Fax: 859-873-0301


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