To Surrender a Pet

In order to ensure that we can devote personal attention to you and have space ready for your pet, please schedule an appointment by calling us at 859.873.5491. You will be charged a $50 fee, which will help us provide food, shelter, medical care, toys, bedding and love for as long as it takes to find your pet a new home.

We know that the decision to give up your pet can be very painful and emotional. Have you explored all of your options first? A behaviorist can make all the difference in the world if your pet is misbehaving; consult with your veterinarian, or visit our Tips & Training Page for helpful hints. Understand that you are the whole world to this pet, and that bringing him or her to our facility will be sad and confusing for him or her. If you have exhausted all options and feel you have no choice, allowing us time to plan for the arrival of your pet will help the process will go more smoothly. Please bring along as much information about your pet as possible to help us do the best job we can in placing your pet. You will be relinquishing all ownership rights to your pet to us.

We provide shelter and care for owner-surrendered pets as well as unclaimed stray animals from Woodford County Animal Control. We accept all animals in need, regardless of their temperament, health status, origin, age or breed, as long as space permits. Our facility is home to more than two hundred animals at any given time. Adoptable animals are housed at the Adoption Center or in foster homes. We have no time limit for adoptable animals to find their new home.

Why do we charge a surrender fee? We spend an average of $570 per pet in our care. Although we have wonderful and generous supporters and donors, we receive no government funding to help offset the cost of caring for your pet. The $50 surrender fee will help us take care of your pet; of course donations of any size are always welcome!

Guaranteed Attempt to Place (G.A.P.) Program 

We cannot promise that we can find homes for all of the animals we receive. The Guaranteed Attempt to Place (G.A.P.) Program is for pet owners who do not wish to surrender ownership of their pet, but still have the animal handled according to our routine evaluation procedures. 

We will evaluate your pet to determine its adoptability, based on its health, temperament and age. You will be asked for proof of vaccinations. If, during the examination and evaluation process, the animal is deemed unadoptable, you can either take the pet home or surrender ownership to the Woodford Humane Society at that time.  

If your pet is accepted into the G.A.P. Program, a $100 fee is due at that time. Once your pet is signed into the G.A.P. Program, you are guaranteed that your pet will be kept on the adoption floor for a period of thirty (30) days, with an option to renew one time for an additional thirty (30) days. 

If you do not have proof of your animal’s vaccinations or they are not current, we will give the vaccinations for an additional fee, due at the time of entry into the program. Canine vaccinations are $75 for a canine booster, bordetella, rabies, heartworm test and de-worming. Feline vaccinations are $60 and include feline booster, rabies, feline leukemia test, de-worming. We are not at liberty of vaccinating your animal unless they are formally signed into our program. 

It takes 3-7 days for a vaccine to induce effective immunity in an animal. Therefore, if your animal is not current on its vaccinations, there will be a 3-7 day period before our vaccination takes effect during which your pet is at a greater risk of contracting an illness. Please remember that animal shelters are similar to nurseries in that illnesses spread easily. We will take all precautions possible to minimize your pet’s exposure to these disease-producing organisms. However, you have the option of taking your pet to a veterinarian to receive the vaccinations and keeping the pet in your possession for a 7-day period for ultimate protection before relinquishing the animal into our care.  

G.A.P. at Home 

This program is designed for pet owners who want to keep their pet at home until we can find a suitable adopter through our regular screening process. We require all the same steps outlined above, except that after we have photographed the animal, the owner can take the pet back home. We will promote the pet through our Petfinder listings and on our website, feature the pet in our Pet of the Week column which appears in several media outlets in central Kentucky and request that you make the pet available for showing at offsite adoption events. We will screen potential adopters on your behalf. You must make the animal available for viewing by potential adopters at the shelter. The fee for this service is $100 per 30 day period with a 60 day maximum.

If you are interested in placing an animal in the Woodford Humane Society’s G.A.P. Program, please talk with a member of our team. They will be happy to assist you. For further information about this program contact us at 859-873-5491 or click here to send an e-mail.



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